Introducing artistically beautiful, etched and stained doors for homes and offices since 2011, Stylex Doors has established itself as one of the leaders in manufacturing and marketing of PVC and steel doors in South India. Advanced manufacturing technology and unique features of our imported raw materials and accessories enable us to assemble and install stunningly attractive doors suitable for your kitchen, bathroom and other living areas. Constant upgradation of technology and designs helps us to bring the latest styles to the ever demanding market. The high-quality decorative PVC doors come with glass fixtures that spread charm all around the home and pleasant vibrancy around the office. Ready-made Steel doors with many different features give high security to your homes and offices.


Long Life

Stylex Doors will practically last forever. For this reason, they are an excellent investment for your home as they do not involve any future maintenance costs.

Weather Resistant

Highly weather resistant quality is achieved by antiultraviolet and high impact resistant formulation. The doors can withstand long exposure in extreme weather and even in special conditions.


The prices of Stylex Doors are very economical when compared to other alternatives available in the market.


More than designs are currently available in the Premium PVC doors category, and another designs for Standard category. Custom designs provided by customers can also be made available as required.

Environment friendly

PVC has been specied as an alternative to wood as it helps in curbing deforestation. Besides, they can be fully recycled and reused for the production of PVC proles.

UV Printing

Stylex Doors is the only company in South India with high resolution, high-quality UV printing facility.


Stylex Doors is an ISO-9001: 2015 company, certified by one of the most reputed certifying agencies in India. The implemented quality management system is an integral part of the company and has helped in maintaining high standards in all aspects of company operation and management.